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Cloaks: Flash Sale?

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Get2ThePoint    86

Can we get a flash sale on cloaks and related items this week?

I'm tired of people shouting for +11 - +18 Elmore cloaks on my server all of the time. There is literally no way to make them now since all of the 1-9 level enchant scrolls are all gone and to make matters worse, only one person has Legendary scrolls and he's charging an arm, leg and your first born child for them. A truly unreachable fee, especially when you consider the abysmally low success rate of turning a normal cloak into Legendary. :(

Come one, help your player base out and have a 48 hour sale of cloak stuff.

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Vendetta    0

They really do need to have cloak event sooner than later there is huge shortage on this. People shout same thing all day wtb same cloak stuff. They want 20-25b for +7 40-50b for +10 cloaks they want is insane, no augments stones to buy and the ones left guy wants 400-500kk each just lol, no 1-9 scrolls left as u say is just nuts right now. They will get big dollars when it comes for sale that's for sure so hopefully they bring soon. Not likely with agathion stuff they just brought out so will be a wait now for it. Would rather have cloak event now instead then agathion after would have been better for community imo. 

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