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Enchant Skill - Counter doubt


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Hi guys, i have this doubt regarding enchanting skill, what it means that counter: "decreases power critical damage 1%", eg at lvl1.

They say, what should be the case of being a negative enchant, but it doesn't say "decreases RECEIVED pw crit dmg". 

There is items which are very clear at what it does, but this is not the case. 

eg. Could it be the effect to decrease RECEIVED power critical damage 1% at expense of decrease 1% dealt power critical damage?

counter in its meaning: 

"Decrease or cancel the effect or influence of a certain thing with the effect or influence of another."


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@pharadox this route means it should decrease your received pcrit dmg by %, according to your OE levels. Let's say you'd get hit by 100 in a critical attack, but with a buff with this OE route up, it'd turn out to be 99 instead of 100. Also, there's no thinking logic about nerfing your own status through a skill enchant, tbh.

Your concerns here should be if this OE route would affect mcrit dmg/pskill crit dmg aswell or only raw pcrit dmg. I'm almost certain it only works for the latter.

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I can't be sure 100%. 

Tyrr enchanting says: decreases power critical damage 1%

Tank enchanting says: critical damage received - 1%

or ncsoft didnt update the tyrr enchanting skills or there is something weird, not clear. 


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