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Thoughs on Update


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In general I think the update is good, but there are some thing that I think are just thrown together and are hindering game play.

#1.  Adding Mobs in Beleth, Phantasmil was a great idea!  But its more like someone took a map and just literally crapped waypoints of monsters all over it without a care in the world what they were doing.  One  thing I liked that Lineage 2 had was "Spots" where you could macro and wouldn't run into someone else's spot causing them to QQ/PK/Be complete rude about it.  Beleth and EV had this and Phantasmil had it but there was sooo much OPEN room you could add 50+ spots without overlap EASY.  Fix these spots so its just not 10000 mobs thrown together and go back to how it has been in all area's where their is spots.

#2.  I Like you added Phantasmil back to Exalted Quest Items list as it should have been for a long time since you removed the quest specifically from that area.

#3. Material/Adena changes are absolute garbage, I like changing things up and getting rid of all the different level of materials and going to one universal items, great on that idea.  But if I have 4 person party getting 250k roughly per member per hour and only 1 person using shots, but have OOP Domi it cost 1.6m per hour in buffs.  I'm losing money not even counting shots/self buffs soul ore cost.  I think you have went WAY to far on Spirit Ore/Soul Ore cost on Self Buffs/OOP Buffs/In party buffs.  The average player not whales, has a hard time buying Shots/Gear with this cost alone.  Giving us our OWN buffs that are weaker but cost Spirit Ore sure will make it easier for us to solo by ourselves but the cost won't allow us to support this.  Someone's thread in here was saying prices on NCWest vs Korean Servers is insane.  Something need to be done about this seriously.  

4.  Your making a "Free to Play" game where you HAVE to buy NCCoin and sell ingame for adena to be able to gear, I liked it better when there was monthly sub instead of forcing us to buy NCcoin.  But sure you like the NCCoin avenue cause you make more money in the long run.  Sometime has to be done about this

Me I played from Beta Launch to 2010, from 2010 to present One/Off due to the fact couldn't make adena without A. Botting or B. Buying Adena/NC Coin.  I've played numerous other games and never really had to make money in them to buy gear/mounts/pets/etc, but with NC Soft its crazy stupid on how to make adena.  I keep getting told "Run a full party to make adena" and go Land of Chaos before update people were making decent money before update.  Now its gone and they looking for next place.  I don't want to run a full group just to have adena to buy gear.  It's a 2nd job instead of a game.  I enjoy L2 but 15 years later isn't it time you fix the game instead of keep breaking it for your Cash shop?

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