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2nd chat window


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On 1/21/2020 at 11:07 PM, Ingwaz said:

As far as i know its been removed

Yes it was removed as a game design decision. NcSoft has been removing game content for a while so it's not a surprise they would start removing chat windows and other useful aspects of the UI too. Can't have people having fun or a usable UI can we?

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For others wondering:

1) relocate one of existing chat windows (Trade has been chosen in the example);

2) change its channel to the one that you think will be the least annoying in your system message window;

3) change its settings to show all system messages and none of the others;

4) realize that you cannot uncheck the very channel and you cannot even make one yourself either, so it will have the chosen channel name at the bottom forever, as well as the channel will forever disturb your new system message window;

5) cry.

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