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As I want to start playing as Aore healer I would like to know essential gear for decent PvE/instances/bosses. 

If you can provide me with such information it would be appreciated. 

I tried to find some info but seems like whole subforum about healer is dead and I treat older topic as outdated. 


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until you get very good gear, you will want health/health acumen weapon, max health max defense, it's ok to wear light armor for pve.  it's important to not get 1 shot in instances, if you do, must change gear/AP to get health and defense up.  field pve should be easy, if it's not that's a dd/tank problem.  

you don't need max cast speed to heal well, primary heals are first balance and 2nd chain, both of which cast very fast.  single target and party heal is slow and inefficient generally.

1 recommendation is to buy Lilith talisman, they are cheap right now and give good mp regen, 2nd if you can afford it physique talisman give another good mp regen.  But you only need these if you have issues with mp regen.  Chain heal uses a lot of mp so just need to watch mp consumption.  

Reuse is key to healer, because of reuse time of balance, party purge, and party celestial, which is why Eva's is nice, they have class specific passive reuse (but not much else going for them).  Shilien healer has some nice skills, extra single party full mp recharge skill, and short use salvation buff.  Cardi has powerful healing skills and best party buff for extra heal power. 

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