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I visited castels during siege for a long time. At some castells only 1 pt defender. no atackers. Other castels 2-3 pt defenders, no atackers. I remember times. 1k ppl went for 1 castel... it was the time random ppl did field RB. There was a comunnity. There is nothing left. At least the killed the econnomy and instances for normal players >< So what have this to do with MMO? As long as ppl are adicted, they keep on this way. For me it came to a point where it makes no sense anymore to invest time (even no afk macro pt) r money in this game ><

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You are totally right and I think that NCSOFT is also agree with you and that's why they only care of take as much money as they can before they shut it down. Because every update they do is driving to this way. Zero community, zero gaming, zero everything. We just spend electricity. The whole server is a huge AFK macro party.

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