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Auto - hunt canceled after teleport

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On 1/20/2020 at 5:35 AM, Sunus5 said:

Dear GM's,

Auto-hunt function supposed to auto-hunt without cancellation and after mob teleports you with hes skill it stops to auto-hunt.

Can you please check the situations?

I have this same issue and its annoying and costing me XP loss!  The original Auto-hunt feature didn't have this issue...  They broke it along with a lot of other useful things with this new UI...

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I wrote letter to support, their answer are:


Thank you for contacting the Lineage II Support Team. For this situation, you may need to do a file repair on the game client.

Please do the following:
1) Start the NC Launcher 2.0
2) Sign in with your account details.
3) Scan file
4) Wait for the files to verify.
5) Click on "Start Game"

Now you can check to see if you are still getting the same issue as before. If so, please reply back with screenshots of the issue.


GM Lindivior
NCSOFT Support Team



Jan 18, 05:50 PST

At cruma tower lvl 2: When perum teleport you, auto hunting stopped.

So, they can't believe this problem.

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