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Next step :)

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Ok so i made a GS dual, was titan before, right now i have this gear
103 lvl
Upgraded Exalted Weapon*
+1 Savior mask* +1 Noble Circlet of Authority*
+7 Elmore* | Chef Money Belt
LV3 Ruby Opal Diamond Pearl LV4 EMerald (Lv2 Brooch)
+15 Dex Dyes
+9 Phy Attack Passive
Lv2 Clean Artifacts
Tauti* + Creation Ring* + Valakas Neck* + Tezza Soul + B Zaken* + Special Confusion Resist Earring* +4 Dragon Shirt* +7 Shiny Shirt +7 Phy Shirt + Qa Soul + Baium Soul + Wyrm Ring
Talisman:Abu lv1* + Stage 10 Venir* + Stage 10 (GC* HB AF) Longing* Anakim* (Advanced Aria Blacelet +4 Dex)
Taurus Stage 1*
Both Mass Damage Skill +15 Break enchant PinPoint Shot* +15 Break | +5 Focus on Tornado* + Quick Shot* +9 hex on BullsEye
Dual Class SKill Master Rage + Death + Attack
Revelation Skills: Savage and Undying will right now but thinking to change it to Hurricane Shackle, the problem its on ability point, not sure to good idea to lose Berserker Mortal
What i use its maker with *
And last my ap: Lv4 Might | lv4 Elemental Attack | Lv3 Craft Focus | Lv3 Craft Death | Lv1 Mortal | Lv2 Fire | LV1 Skill Reduction | Lv1 Blessing
and using PATK Arrow :) Completed 5 Exalted
Right now have 90 Dex and 128 STR + 92 Con 40k Patk :) probable low

i think that all i have D
So what next? i thinking to buy a +12 Bloody Thrower will get +15% skill crit damage augment, will make huge diff compare to this free weap. or try buy something else? something that add more dex? maybe Red Cat Eye?

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1) The +12 Bloody R99 Thrower with 15% p.skill crit damage augment will make a good difference.

2) Make Red Cat Eye Lv3 during jewels event when it comes.

3) Talisman - Longing with Talisman - Seven Signs will make a difference too if you have the adena. If you have the Longing already, try for Insanity maximum of 5 times (5b adena), anything over it I'll rather you buy the Talisman - Insanity for about 20 to 25b.

*Pricing is based on Naia server.

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