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1 hour ago, WutWutWut said:

can we can action and clan icons back to lower right corner? they have that patch in korea

God that would be a decent start on repairing the crap UI they gave us. I've never seen an UI pushed through like this before. Not only does it have less functionality but it is worse at presenting information while presenting less information... I just can't believe it made it into the game it's so bad...

For examples of it presenting information poorly I would start with the CP bar. It's so tiny I'm pretty sure you can't even see it on a phone (which is what the UI seems designed for). You can't tell what character you're playing at a glance either. The system window is gone so now damage/heal/etc information is buried in chat.

For examples of presenting less information I'd point to the inability to see what debuffs you have landed on your target in PVE and PVP. I guess technically the name thing should be in this category.

Less functionality in you can't right click to block or report people anymore. You can't mark targets for people in your party. You can't even assist people in your party. They removed useful click short cuts such as action or macro.

I could fill those examples out if I started actually collecting notes on all the stuff this UI does poorly but I think the point is there already.


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