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I was thinking about some "justice";]

Dwarfs like Dwarfs - they crystallize, craft - and earn on it
All DD (magicians, archers, daggers, etc. - earn on drops


Why can't Buffers put up a buff shop? - they cannot expire themselves (at some point) - they are the dependents of the main character.

Maybe administrators are considering the option of enabling the buff shop option
Of course, you can set up the store and sell arrows for buffs - but it's not about round the system

@Juji  pls think about this

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Nice idea, but I would not expect too much income from it.

Probably only low level „active” people would use that, especially if the buffer is at a highly populated area. At higher levels many have their own buffers in a neverending macro-loop party, and some who do not have the mental power to setup macros even pay cash for 3rd party softwares.


According to the recent changes the game design goes toward a different direction, there is a higher chance that the buffs go to Ncoin shop. The possibility of implementing something which do not earn cash for the company is not too high.

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