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Nine 78 toons now what?

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rxbandit3    0

Finally got a full party level 78 that can hunt any elemental area and necrop (besides the boss necros/catas).

If I go anywhere else (catas like devotion) and manage to find a room, within 1-2 hours the bot group has respawned or res'd and killed me. 

Can anyone reccomend a hunting gorund  that  actually has room for a macro party and drops adena? Primitive Isle any good? Or the hunting grounds outside Goddard?

I spent all this time and I'm having  a hard time believing there's really nothing to do at this stage in the game.

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Karesz    22

I am in the same situation as you, just on lv79.

I think adena is overrated, when you think about what would change if you get +100kk or even 300kk you will find that not too much significantly, just some extra gear, but you will not gain the ability to farm in ketra/varka/gc/loa.


Do not use shots, stay in elemental zones, go for lv85.

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