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Players should appear on screen before mobs


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Since the higher mob density on zones like Blazing Swamp, Phantasm Ridge and the new added Abandon Coal Mines the game client just cannot keep up. You can teleport into the zone and think you found a spot without any other player, and minutes later suddenly you see people spawning around you. The game doesn't load other players in hunting zones until way after you started doing exp. Causing serious spot grief, people burning vitality and buff items for nothing and in the end you end up with getting less exp and less adena because you just cannot see if where you teleported to is actually free.

Animations from other players also do not appear, and mob respawn rate is so high you can't use that as a reference for a spot being taken either.

Can you fix this? It's causing way to many issues and setting up another nice hour of farm in e.g. Coal Mines after spending 70Ncoin for entrance token.

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10 hours ago, OneDayDelete said:

The client or your PC? I don't have this issue.

There are no spawn issues in Aden, nor during siege, nor during Dimensional Siege. Only when porting to a spot like Phantasm Ridge or Abandon Coal Mines. Blazing Swamp while heavily populated by players doesn't have the issue as much or at all like Phanta has.

It's also not just me noticing this issue, it's half of my clan complaining about it in clan chat.

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I remember in the old days when your character could log in, but you wouldn't see the mobs at first. The aggro ones would attack you, of course, making you think you were fighting the Invisible Man.  This game may have zombies, vampires and werewolves, but it wasn't supposed to have Invisible Men, too.  :):)


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On 01.02.2020 at 6:51 PM, Dawe said:

I usually see the player skills first, so its easy for me to see if the room is free or not.

skills not panties? i first see panties. Maybe my geforce 250 is so old and need to change to see not-underwear first

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