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We need more events with overenchant items


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just to scream that we need more events with over enchant weapons armors and jewels. Today the market in l2 classic is a bullshit, people selling weapons grade C or B in 1B or more, lol, when in this server the only who have that adena is the adena sellers and people who buy billons and billons with real cash (spending thousands at month), a real player playing normal cant get more than 100kk, so NCSOSFT STAFF, we need more events with items overenchanted to try to equal the balance of the market.

this problem of overpriced items is because people is leaving of play, so less people mean less items in the server and more price for "normal" items like C or B grade.

PD: this is not a classic server.

so im here waiting to receive the critics of the people, so people, shoot me.

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At least they were smart enough this time to release an event where they make the profits. Making saleable in-game items purchasable from Ncoin. Maybe they'll learn something from this and stop having to take a cut from their bot underlings that they seem to protect and do nothing about. 

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