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patack/mskillcrit damage?


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41 minutes ago, sharkman said:

ok so i was looking at my jewels and saw the description of them change it says patk/mskill crit dmg +15 or what ever %. does that mean that it increases pskill crit dmg and regular attack crit dmg or no?


It means what it says.

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20 minutes ago, tekki88x said:

I get confused on the tool tips sometimes, So does that mean it gives p atk crit damage and m skill crit damage? Or P atk skill crit? Since ive noticed other just outright says p skill instead.

It means normal critical damage. Usually on the jewels that have p. skill crit dmg it lists all there (for example the Olympiad ring, take a look). While the ones like Baium/AQ soul rings give only p.critical damage.

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