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Forgottens Jin Kamael Classic


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Well, I wanted to ask for help from the NCSOFT team, As I had already sent some tickets, on the subject, I want to ask for help again like this in the forum, I play on the classic server of jin kamael, I feel a disadvantage while the other classes, with all learned forgottens, when i go to fight olympiadas i feel the difference, all forgottens from the other classes, they go in aden with magical tablet, they can easily get it, since the trickster has to wait for some event or drop from the epic boss, so why does the kamael have to be the most valuable? since the official has the question of passing the equality between the classes, it is not fair for someone to pay an absurd amount in adena, while the other classes buy easily. here is my call for the gms juji and staff to make it equal to the system.

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Cheers to that!

3rd class books for kamaels are available in giran, maybe you mean 2nd class books, which only drop from a level 81 boss. ? where is the sense in that. Other class drops in lvl54 (more or less) mobs. Hahahaha
in addition to that got only few skills... 


disarm (duration: 3 seconds) =  1 minute delay, Really???!! 

magic break (duration 30 seconds) = 2 sec delay

should be the other way around...

disarm supposed to be a trademark skill and vital for db class. 




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Oh NOOO, Kamaels so poor nerfed. Who cares thats till 76+ only kamaels can learn all skills , use all exp scrolls and still save lot of sp wich can't use till 3rd class. And sure don't forget about 3rd class skill requared 1mil adena for learning instead 10mil+ books traded magic tablets.

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