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Hello everyone, long story short I've been a l2 player for many years, and returned to check on classic during its launch, but quit soon enough. Now I was thinking of giving it a second chance, but not hardly competitive this time, just few hours per week, a main class and a pp box, proceeding in my own tempo.

So my questions are, which class would be the most suitable for this soloing case (ye I know pony but hate it). And most importantly , which server has the healthiest condition, population and economy wise. When I started I did so on Talking Island, but the corruption was seen pretty quickly, so now I'm probably thinking of Giran.

(Just a side not for my first question, the classes I'd be fond of trying would be HK, ST, ET, GH and maybe the kamael melee if it'd be viable. I'm always open for suggestions though)
Thank you for your time!! ^-^

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Hey! Look for me in Giran server. You can see my name in world chat often.

Mages are the best option. You don't have to go pony. Ponies have an advantage as PK Chars and in some situations like Siege but they are not the only good class.

Now as a dd, Hell Knights seem a good option and u will have an easier time lvling up with the panther.

Other than that its up to you

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Mages are great until they hit their 40s and they suddenly require an army of rechargers following them to do anything. Summoners don't have that problem as they can transition to melee dps in the high 40s or sooner (and their mp pet keeps leveling up so you can keep nuking if you want). ES can nuke to the 70s pretty well since summoners get higher levels of the basic nuke (aqua swirl etc).

HK seems to do fine dps in PVE with their pet. ST does similar damage but has HEX and lightening bolt which pushes it ahead in PVE. ET is outright slow due to it's focus on defense over offense so the DPS is pretty abysmal. Daggers seem pretty meh in this version of the game. I only have limited experience with daggers in this version so I cannot really comment beyond that.

Giran used to be better for a newbie than TI because giran USED to have a market for d and C grade. Now post latest patch the vestiges of that market died for good. B grade is decently available depending on the items. GIran's crafting market is still better than TI but that's not saying much as it's still pretty much non existent.

If you plan to AFK at all you'll want to add a WC to your group. You will need buffs but you will also need heals as you level up so having a WC to buff while the PP heals would be super helpful. Depending on where you're leveling you can set the wc to autohunt with buffs on a delayed repeating macro and have the dps assist the WC while the PP follows and heals.

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