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New areas for farm and level up


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Hello, I'm very happy with the new update that brought the game to life again.
But there are several things that bother players, like the fact that there is little penalty for someone going out to kill all the players. In the past, you had a danger, a concern when killing someone, now you give a BSOE and / or kill 20 mobs and take out Karma, I would like to ask you to increase the penalty for killing someone, because who is dead is more sorry than than whoever killed (high XP loss).
Another thing is the areas of the farm, there are few areas for a huge and absurd map that is that of Lineage 2, I feel that they lost the essence of the game and stopped listening to the community that gives life to this game, they are gathering 300 / 400 players in a single farm of 80,000 mobs (Blazzing Swamp).
I've always been quiet waiting for improvements, but I'm tired of watching the death of a game as old and wonderful as Lineage 2.


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