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MP won't regenerate quickly


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7 hours ago, Essence said:

Hi guys.

So I find that sometimes farming in Blazing Swamp MP won't regenerate quickly as it usually does and eventually it will run out. Mostly my MP is full, but sometimes it just goes down. Any idea why is this happening? Thanks

Yes, I notice my self the same thing. Mby its related with server lag/melee attack speed/latency...

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2 hours ago, GhostShadow said:

That sounds odd. What class do you play and what level are you? I haven't really spent any time in BS because it's always crowded, but I hunted in Abandon Mines for 2 hours on my Yul and on my Feoh without my MP bar moving at all.

I'm also on Feoh Storm Screamer. Got some info from other people. You should be the main damage for it to restore. Too many people attacking the same mob, less damage to it, less MP to restore. :/

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