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Known Issues


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  • The Goldburg instance dungeon is currently glitched after you enter.
  • Attribute damage is not appearing for Doomcryers and Dominators when using certain skills.
  • Fishing Skills have the wrong fish required for learning skills.
  • Ability to see buffs/debuffs of targets is missing.
  • Several descriptions in-game for Zodiac agathions contain incorrect descriptions.
  • Action Tokens are missing from the Action Window.
  • The Right-Click Report Chat function to block spammers and Adena sellers is currently missing.
  • The link to exchange Clan Coins on High Priest NPCs is not working.

@Juji  @Hime


What about those?? when u see population of server drop when no macro in 3 days u had it enabled again, but now no answer about those??

What about Bot trains in ROA and Catacombs??  

What about ability to attack when u are on mount on Elemental Master?

What about for the rule extortion by PK for hunting zone??

What about adena scale on high lvl zone?? 80 adena on LOA mobs

Noone of those are important if u see high number online and no only mobs?? u had 3 or 4 days to see the trains active on server when no macro was active but still no ban wave. Economy of the server it's trash, the only selable items are event one or epics, u made mats practicaly trash.

So when u will have a fix for those??


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