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New player, big fan of the genre, LF advice on Kamael, Best class thats not an archer and What server


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I have done various research on the current state of the game and what I would need advice on is;

1st - Is Tyrr Doombringer a viable class in this day and age? I want to make a main character but I don't like Mages and I'll rather not play archer(unless I don't have a choice) in the same time I don't want to chose the worst class in-game purely because I think it looks cool. Any suggestions? 

2nd - What is the most needed class in-game that is not a buffer or healer for group activities? (if there is such a thing) because I imagine 80% off the server being Dark Elf archers at this point. 

3rd - What is the best server to join in terms of activity and the highest number of people playing? PS: I am playing from UK(EU) time. 


Your time and response will be greatly appreciated.



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Tyrr is useless right now, maybe boosted at next update at undetermined time... but now you can make a lvl 99 toon in a day with auto hunting so, make several alts and test out what you like.  But there's definitely no guarantee Doombringer will ever be good again, or when.  Unfortunately archer/nuker are best DD by far, game is unbalanced this way ongoing.  

Besides healer and iss, other support is Tank, tanks are useful and will get parties now thankfully.  Some tanks are more offensive and some purely defensive, pay special attention to stats of the lvl 101 toggle they get to tell them apart, usually there is event to change class type if you don't like what you chose later, just don't spend too much money enchanting/learning skills if you might want to change class later, because all investment in enchanted skills is lost if you change class.  

Naia is the euro server, it's most active at euro times, it's fine for pve (nearly no pvp).  

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