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R110 vs R99 question

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Is anywhere we can see the stats of enchanted R110 parts? I would like to see what are the stats (p.def) of a dark R110 heavy set at +6.
I know that +6 is not that much but since I already made an enchanted (blessed) set, I could do it +6 for now and after that trying for +8 (in the future but not now). I'm thinking of selling the R99 heavy +8 set I wear now and keep the dark stones and put them on the R110 set. Does anyone know if a dark R110 +6 heavy set has better stats than a dark R99 +8 heavy set?
Attributes are way better, but what about the others? 
At +0 the enchanted R110 heavy set gave me less stats at p.accuracy, p.evasion, p.critical, speed but gave me more p.atk. So will it be better at +6 and dark or it's better to keep the R99+8 set until I make the R110 +8 too?

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11 hours ago, Draecke said:

google l2wiki leviathan

also fyi next update you can make limited R110 for significant lower cost aka same amount of pvp/pve stones to make limited as it cost to make it pvp / pve aka 63 for armor and 1 for weapon


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I'm comming back with more details. 

Here are the stats when I wear the Dark Eternal heavy +8 set.


And here are the stats with the Enchanted Leviathan set with only 3 parts +6


Now as you see the 5piece set says that gives +3 CON in R110 when the R99 says -2 CON.But in char's stats the CON goes only +1 with the R110 set. But if it was 99 with the -2 then it means that the normal was 101 so with the +3 of R110 it had to be 104, right?
As about P.Def R99 5piece set gives a +7% when the R110 gives a +10% but R99 is +8 so it gets a plus 11% bonus plus the +93 because of the +6 set, but R110 has more p.def as parts and it also says that is increase the P.Def when is enchanted to +4 (and it's +6). So is it normal that the R110 has -632 p.def???

Now about the P.atk the R99 set says that increase P.atk and also gives a +7% because of the 5 pieces set but R110 gives a +10% so the  -147 p.atk is ok? (maybe I don't know)
Also I can't figure out why P. accuracy, P. Evasion, P. Critical and Speed are so lower with the R110 set.

Final here there are the two Dark R99 and R110 breastplates. According to this, do you believe that a full +6 Dark R110 heavy set would be better than a +8 Dark R99 heavy set? And what about the P. accuracy, P. Evasion, P. Critical and Speed?


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Every set piece has modifier, that goes up progressively with each enchant. For example bp gives p.atk and m.atk, leggings p.crit and m.crit rate, boots - speed. That's why you get lower stats with the R110.Add the +8 enchant bonuses too.

Also the dark/bloody sets were upgraded and they no longer give minus base stats, the eternal gives you +3 STR and +2 CON (description is wrong).

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