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Felipaoyes    0

can you guys answer this questions please

Wen the redlibra event will end?
Wen the event end, the 15 days weapons continue active?
If someone buy many weapon boxes (15 days +10 weapons) will continue work after the event ends?

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pump    0

and what about spinels? will they dissapear? or stay? need to know pls Jují

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JohnStamos    3

The Red Libra Elders have returned to Giran. This time they bring with them their refined craft to help the wary adventurer along the way.


Event Details

  • The Red Libra winter event is taking place on the Lineage II and Lineage II Classic servers.

  • The event will begin after maintenance on January 16 and will end on February 5 at 6:00 a.m. server time.

  • The following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories when the event ends on February 5:

Lineage II

Lineage II Classic

Red Libra Entrance Passes

Red Libra Requests

Pink's Style Potions

Red Libra 1-hour NPC buffs

Elysium Recovery Potion

Proof of Red

Elysium Weapons

Red Libra Supplies Lv. 1

Red Libra's Fortune Scroll

Red Libra Supplies Lv. 2

Stage 3/4/5 Soul Crystal Boxes

Red Libra Supplies Lv. 3


Red Libra Supplies Lv. 4

Red's Weapon Exchange Ticket

15-day +10 B-Grade Weapon Chests

Red Spinel

Green Spinel


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