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different configuration per window


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Is it possible somehow to start one client with X (big) resolution (and higher graphics) while you start the other clients with Y (smaller) resolution (and lower graphics) ?

I don't need big window for my iss and alt. Don't see why they need to eat my resources

I am looking for a legit way... not hacking the windows kernel....

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It is possible   you just need to go to option and  make  it fit  as you like even you have lower detail option  there, change window size even. What is bad that you will need to do it each time since the last config stays.

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Sadly without a lot of work each time it is not possible.

I myself would really like this option too because different characters could have different configurations but at the same time then you can't have 1 dominant way of setting things up and would need to do it for every new character which could also be kinda annoying.

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