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Bulls-eye disappearing


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Hello, i tried to find this topic on the forum but i cannot find it anywhere. I have experienced for quite a while now that the de-buff from Yul archers Bulls-eye after a few seconds disappears.

For example i do k95 (party) on a toon, apply bulls-eye on kalios in 3-6 seconds it disappears, the second one usually stays for all duration. Did anyone else notice this? For example in high end areas where the mobs are a little tougher, this can mean the players death in 20 to 40 mobs. (Not talking about +10 set r99 and +12 weapon, only average joes.) This is an issue in pvp too, i loose substantial damage due to how long is the reuse in comparison how long it lasts. Can you please check it? If you need also video as proof tell me i`ll make one. Cheers

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