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Party Matching - How


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Most people not just create a character and play. They create a "Unit". A Unit is a party with matching classes which can be 'installed' to a farm spot with autofarm/macroloops to get xp in AFK mode.

If you wish to play the "old way" with no autofarm/macroloop/multibox/bot, you need to find a clan with people of similar thinking, or just use "shout-chat" and try to find a few friends, however beware, it will not be easy among the sea of bots to find someone who actually reply to a chat... :)

If you have no luck and you are desperate to find a party, you can also try to find illegal servers, there are some where there is no autofarm and even multibox is prohabited while rates are low. (for example google l2reborn)

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