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there are 86 player in the queue


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I really have to wait 15 minutes to play.
Is this going to be like this? If I pay priority to enter, now you must pay to play?

Realmente tengo que esperara 15 minutos para poder jugar.
Esto va a ser asi?, si pago me dan prioridad para ingresar, ahora se debe donar para poder jugar ??


New Server ???

Avoid Wait time with the new gludio server

where is it. i don't see it


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13 minutes ago, Essence said:

Having the same issue.. They did it on purpose. What a fail

Yes friend, this is the new method for everyone to leave from l2


Character Creation will be disabled on 2/5 and will be enabled again after the maintenance on 2/12 to help reduce latency on the server. A login queue has also been enabled during this time.

Thank you for your patience!

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1 minute ago, VaamAgain said:

if everyone play with 1 client we ll dont have problem.

but in this game every player has 1 full party and then you are moaning about queue... zero logic

if its 2006 this may be possible. but hello????? 2020 already, game lost many players. you yourself wouldnt want to wait hours to make a fkin party for something

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300+ in queue, well over 1 HOUR to log in and then better PRAY to not miss it when it finally get in, or mysterious dc when click ok ...

Completely Unacceptable !!!

"Solution" is MUCH worse than problem ...

you WANT people to quit or what ???

(not to mention new player cannot even start this week because no char creation, but why would they with this going on)

restart server and remove Queue, this now go on 1-2 days, should have removed it the first day it took an hour to log in !

Complete fail of customer service, unfortunately as usual for NC...



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