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Macro Farm Useless ?


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L2 will test your perseverance severely... always has always will.  I've been close to quitting several times.  Well known as hardcore grind game.    

Just remember we used to do all this by hand, targeting every single mob... to me macro xp is still "amazing magic free" xp, even with disconnects xp is still light years faster and easier than it used to be.  Keep setting up or quit game if it bothers you too much.  

PS be sure to do your Castilla solo instance every day, it's a lot of xp and good reward for 15 minutes or less, that is the best fasted use of your time in game for xp. 

and if 105+ do baylor, kama, gludio (or just kama gludio if you're weak), From those instanced dailies I'm getting 2x the xp than from a small party aoe 24/7 so, worth the effort.  

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