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Suggestion for event: BugFix Month Event


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Hope you like the new community event idea so far @Juji

I even came up with a name for it: Fix one, Fix them all! Februari Bugfix celebration.

Created 10 tickets so far with bugs that would be wonderful for this event to be fixed! In no specific order.

Ticket numbers:
#23485792 Crash on locking computer: Device Closed Unexpectedly D3DERR_DEVICELOST
#23485868 Exalted Bracelet does not give 30 element attack (text error?)
#23485864 text error on Royal Black Save Ticket
#23485841 all agathion charms unequip when changing to main / dual class
#23485840 when cursed sword teleports the map indicator keeps pointing to the old position before teleporting, not the new one (re-open map fixes it but is annoying)
#23485839 when any pc/npc moves away from character, your melee character follows it without actually hitting it till it stops moving
#23485837 need to press next target twice to actually target baylor (applies for some other instances too, possibly related to the same problem)
#23485793 Forced disconnect when trying to open items with multiple clicks at the whole hour when server is unresponsive
#23485791 Starting Lineage II launcher, the email input field does not have immediate focus (but while typing switches focus to another/next field)
#23485782 Consumables lost when using an item that gives other items or buffs on use (if you are stunned, feared or otherwise affected from performing character actions)

@community what are your 10 most hated bugs? Create a ticket for each one of them with clear information what happens (or doesn't happen) so they can track the issue and hopefully solve it!

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