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ISS Dominator's seals after last patch


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Dominator's seals were landing nearly a 100% (as long as flag were up) before the update, according to patch notes the flag wouldn't be needed anymore since seals would: "Guaranteed success: Has a 100% chance to trigger abnormal status effect.
 - On guaranteed success, [Perfect] is added to the debuff skill name.
 - Changed to a PvP only skill."

However, these effects weren't applied and the seals are more likely nerfed other than boosted as they should. The land rate is very low now, affecting not only mass PvP but also Olympiads for ISS Dominators.

Maybe some attention to this matter wouldn't be so bad, seals are one of the primary skills for domis and well that doesn't work is kinda... :D@Juji @Hime

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