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Couldnt find an appropriate tittle!! SHAME


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Since you did not include the updated mentees mark shop, do not know why to be fair, how are existing players whose level is above 105 gonna get the Atlas Earring?

When a mentee graduates, in that graduation box received by email you get something called Veterans Mask, which you can enchant by buying scrolls from the alleged updated mentees mark shop. Now, how exactly are we supposed to get these scrolls, Enchant scrolls:Veterans Mask, in order to upgrade it?

Mentioned in YOUR patch notes is that the brooch can be enchanted up to +10 by using the corresponding scrolls right? Where can we get them scrolls I wonder?

Ether is still dropping uncontrollably when it was supposed to drop at a 120 daily cap and when you do get it, the systems message is that you can get up to 2 Ether per day.

What about the alleged Prestige Rune update? We still have the same useless *** from it, AND WE CANNOT EVEN USE THESE(Adena Amount rate +300%) FOR THE LAG IS SO GREAT.

Why arent you installing an antibot/antiscript program like GameGuard or whatever else you think its best to stop or detect script/bot users because at the moment 70% of the online toons are on autopilot!!

@Juji@Hime and @ whoever is responsible!!!!

We are not only losing time and enjoyable gaming hours but also money thrown away to Prestige Runes and Exp/Drop rate Runes which we cannot use to full capacity due to this infernal lag and disconnects and occasional queues! And the cherry on top is that you dissapear for a week and there is noone giving any answers or responses even to our complains.


Good Job, keep it up


PS: Try to understand that the ncoin prices are exceedingly high. Try making next week a cloak event with REASONABLE prices!!! Compensate us somehow!!

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