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Shame on you


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It's not possible, I crashed a couple of hours ago, and still can't get into the game because your Launcher isn't working! 

If your team of developers can't do anything, ask the Koreans for help! 

This game was wonderful when it was with the monthly fee, are you doing anything to make him die? 


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1 minute ago, NemesiC said:

It s  ur pc problems not nc soft.....


lol troll spoted!

Dont trust me? Just go on Inn ova forum and check if they have any problem with latency or dc or if they are not able to log....
Dont give me that bull: they are in EU and blablabla, they have same multinational players from all over the world...more then that they did not ban CSI and other Eu countries like NcSoft do.

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16 minutes ago, NemesiC said:

I m not gonna troll u :) i have 0 dc problems and as i can see my friendlist  also doesnt have .
Have a nice day sorry for bothering u 

Im sorry for you, you live in a bubble...
Its imposible to do not notice that ppl have problems on both servers even devs and producers admited that...its on red chat 24/7.
Probably NcSoft servers are next door neighbour and even so i doubt you dont have problems.
Instead of support your fellow players you came on forum to give , pardon me, stupid advices....go back in your bubble.

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