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Normal Sigel Guide

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Hello, after a lot of updates in last 2 years, we need a fresh guide about the most wanted class (tank and healers is the most important classes atm). 

Armor: Use exalted armor until u will have adena to buy +8 set or more. 

Weapon: Exalted cutter for start and then dark/bloody avanger with attack. Speed, hp, sigel. 

Jewells: Istina normal neck or tezza soul with hp craft, special confusion earring, orfen soul with p.def craft, baium soul with con craft, beleths ring. 

Talisman: venir stage 14 or more, anakim, outlaw or Abu lvl 1, longin. 

LA vie jewel: diamond, pearl, emerald, tanz, cat eye, Garnet, obsidian. Now some of them u have it reward from exalted. 

Noble Grace circlet

Dragon shirt

Veteran mask or savior. (better +3 savior mask) Veteran mask have low chance to enchant. 

Artifacts: p. Def, hp, attribute attack/defence, vampiric rage, attack speed/casting speed. U need at least to make the set up to take the effects from the lvl 1 book. 

This is a normal set up for tank. Not end game items and tons of overprice items. Have fun

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