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Normal Sigel Guide


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Hello, after a lot of updates in last 2 years, we need a fresh guide about the most wanted class (tank and healers is the most important classes atm). 

Armor: Use exalted armor until u will have adena to buy +8 set or more. 

Weapon: Exalted cutter for start and then dark/bloody avanger with attack. Speed, hp, sigel. 

Jewells: Istina normal neck or tezza soul with hp craft, special confusion earring, orfen soul with p.def craft, baium soul with con craft, beleths ring. 

Talisman: venir stage 14 or more, anakim, outlaw or Abu lvl 1, longin. 

LA vie jewel: diamond, pearl, emerald, tanz, cat eye, Garnet, obsidian. Now some of them u have it reward from exalted. 

Noble Grace circlet

Dragon shirt

Veteran mask or savior. (better +3 savior mask) Veteran mask have low chance to enchant. 

Artifacts: p. Def, hp, attribute attack/defence, vampiric rage, attack speed/casting speed. U need at least to make the set up to take the effects from the lvl 1 book. 

This is a normal set up for tank. Not end game items and tons of overprice items. Have fun

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My opinion is that tank have always priority the armor. I suggest bloody heavy r99 +8 or more or better r110 if u have good budget. Think carefully about the armor because prices will get down from r99 because the future project r120 will come, so people who have r99 gonna sell cheap to buy r110 and people with r110 gonna sell to buy r120. 

About weapon if u start play oly frenzied tauti 1h is really cheap atm in Chronos and with Sigel gonna clever solution for both pve and oly.. I was lucky to my tank and I got in frenzied tauti after 2 tryes passive skill who return 20 % damage to the artacker. That was from giant life stone. 

I suggest u also to save money to buy ferios cloak +11 or more. Unless if u have 65 luc+ try to make it alone but buy 2 ferios and start to enchant both the same time. One scroll to one, one to other.. Usually when the one falls the other succeed. Personal opinion that, maybe I am wrong. 

Wait Artifact event and make Artifacts for hp, p. Def. Damage reduction, dmg when immobilized... Try to complete all the Artifacts even +0 to the bonus Stat from the Artifact book lvl 3.

Radiant grace +5 is op. 

Take lvl 4 jewels or 5 enough cheap atm. I bought Garnet Lvl 4 for 700m. Yes 700m and u can find lvl 5 for 4bil.

Try to boost skills and specially elemental defence. 

Find 3 people and make one good cp. 

I hope to help


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