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LAG vs XP vs Monster spawntime


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I usually consider everyone here a bunch of crying babies, but now i really think the dev team have made some mistakes. First of all, lineage has always been a very laggy game and i dont think the decision to increase mob spawns is helping in any form. They nerfed gold and item drop in most areas, making people fight for the same spots. How about making less mobs spawn and actually increase adena, xp they give. We dont need 10 mobs spawning in one area when 3 mobs could give the same XP. And for gods sake... turn Land of Chaos, seal of hell fire and other areas worth farming. Because now there are areas of forever living mobs because they dont worth the soulshot. More areas, decente XP/adena, less mobs, less people fighting for the same mobs. Sorry for english mistakes.. not native speaker

(can someone remove this from game question area)

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