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Help a Newbie Build


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Hello, how are you? I am new to the server, I started playing recently, at the moment, I am from Yul trickster and I would like to know what to buy first in order to progress in the game.

Boss jewelry? A Bloody Bow? Dyes? What should I invest? I would like to progress in stages, I know that there are very strong items on the server but at the moment, I am weak so I cannot farm in relatively good areas. Please help me in this build

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Hi ^_^

You can check the Yul part of the forum for some help: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/20-archer/

Now at the Exalted quest part 1 and 2 you are rewarded with weapon, set, dyes, and brooch and some brooch jewels. So you might considering gearing what's missing after that.

It all depends on opportunity and what you're lacking. I would just try to hoard some adena and check how item prices fluctuate in your server. If you find a good item at a cheap price, that's your next thing to get xD

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