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Where are developers, why dont replace them coz failing

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Game has gone to utter crap, no quest lines that have evolved.. Should of made or revamped quests to include a tree of IFs... if I do this, guest goes this way.. also random order of quests for people to mix things up..

But not, smash afk and pay game.. probably dumming down the population to try to intergrate all servers together.. mobile and pc.. just like stupid console games that run 1/4 the power of PCs and have the fraction of the content because of what you can do with a controller vrs keyboard and mouse.

I dont think the devs are worth anything, constantly unbalancing game, making mistakes, and taking away huge parts of the game to get people 1-105 as if everyone should enjoy end game type content when they havent put in the time... such a joke.. they dont even revamped the noobs areas, have only 1 lvling spot where you can only get quest items, take another hit of the crack pipe dev team... Open up more areas, revamp elpys, beehive, and all other areas you bypassed.. this isnt classic server and u put in system which makes low level areas obsolete... 


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