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Lineage 2 remastered


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Yeah seeing the whole remaster stuff brought me here, figured if this game is still ticking after all these years, and a modern game engine remaster is coming that this game was cared for well by its owners.

After having "played" the last couple weeks, seeing the owners halt character creation and push people away vs welcoming them, seeing what they've done to this poor game over the years, and seeing first hand what this game has become....L2 is not in the hands of caring loving developers with a passion for their product, and a connection with their fanbase.

Im worried for remaster.  Even looking to what they did with classic, which...why do classic if its not actually classic...wtf?

I don't think NCSoft knows or cares to know why people play their game, and im sure remaster will be the same "chase the same 20 whales ignore the rest" game design that has L2 in such a sad state that it is.

For all their fault and issues, it really makes me appreciate blizzard and wow, and how that game has evolved over the years (for better or worse) and its launch of classic ( a true classic) and it makes sense that of the games launched in 2004, one has over 100 active servers and another has 2 with the ability to join turned off during a quarantine when the world is at home and playing games. After seeing this games state, I have no issue paying $50 for a new wow xpac and then $15/mo to play....I mean I even got a L2 prestige pack, but the sub here is applicable to only one character? such a ripoff....and that's not even diving into the p2w mechanics, that's a simple sub....

Not sure what NCsofts problem is, but I feel like they've already given up (really across all their games) and that leads me to feel if L2 remastered really is a thing, what on earth is that going to be like?  I bet they don't even bother launching it outside korea, at least not until the hype dies completely...

Its odd to see a company so overtly greedy but at the same time seem to not care at all about making money.

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I think they need to take a look at some new business models.

I dont know what ever happend to NCSoft to make them take a game that was really amazing. They have a player base of people that have played this game for years. Hell most of us started as children and are now married men and women with families. I am still playing the game but to be honest are we actually even playing it or just watching it play itself. I think they need to change with the times learn from some other companies. Yes they make alot of money from the purchase shop, but if they just took the time to listen to us and adapt to changes and start going back to their roots maybe even revamping alot of the game in a way that isnt all about who has the deepest pockets. They would see a large and i mean large amount of l2 players come back. Especially players on illegal servers there player base would return if they took the time to make something that isnt absolute trash. I like everyone else am hooked on this game and the idea and memories of what it once was. It is cool there is so much content, but is it really neccassary to be able to 1 hit other players or nerf the adena rates and creation rates so that all you can do is pay to NCSoft. If they would just invest into the players most of us would pay a 15.00usd a month subscription to play and alot would still pay more for other stuff. I am possitive if they brought back Crafting and the ability to farm for gear more people would play here. Please NCSoft i am begging you stop releasing this crap and invest some time into creating somthing that we the players actually want to invest our time and money into. Its been long enough hell maybe take the time to create a lineage 3 with simular concepts but get rid of the 100% you have to pay to play bull crap!

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