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@Juji and @Hime

I came back to game in December, since then I've had almost nothing but lag.  I purchase Destiny Rune/Prestige Pack but unable to use it due to login que, and kill slow or dead because of the severe lag that has been on the server since before I came back.  Last night left my Evis/ISS dou in SV all is good and fine, wake up this morning and all the sudden within 20 minutes of being at PC my Evis is dead and my ISS is outta MP.  Everything was full when I came back to PC and POOF no VR is working at all and ISS is completely out of mana.  Instead of "Got Milk?" its "Got LAG?".  As a paying customer this is completely unacceptable on all aspects, nothing has been done there has been no talk about compensation and only "We are waiting on server upgrades" but yet you say server hardware matches Korea so "all should be fine".

How is it "all should be fine" but yet isn't?  I've played on/off since Closed Beta from what 2003 to 2010 everyday except when I was deployed.  From 2010 to present on/off cause I got tired of the lack of GM Support and basic moral fiber from NCSoft for doing nothing to fix anything.  I love the game its great, but you wonder why no one plays it compared to other games like AAC or WoW?  Its because YOU DO NOTHING to support your game!  You have people openly botting with no penalty and so much lag/exploits nothing is done about it at all.  You take aspects of the game from monster drops/events and put them ONLY in NC Store to make us pay for them but give us 1/4 the cosmetics/drops as Korea?  Saw a video about updates that just happened on Korea/RU Offical and there was a pimp joker cosmetic.. Do we have it here? NO. Someone was comparing Korea server to our own.. +16 R99 Weapons someone was saying on Korean Server was 8b.. Those go for 100b+ on NC West Servers.  Korea's have Dragon Weapon/Blood Zariche weapon/claw/blood events ALL the time.. We have nothing.. 

You want to make money.. Your a Company to make money.. We get it.  But here is a to-do list to make more money.  Not in any specific order except #1


#2 Update L2 Store Packs like Starter Pack *WORTHLESS*

#3 Stop taking items we've been able to acquire from mobs out of drop loot for L2 Store only sales


#5 Update L2 Store / Prestige Pack

Current prestige pack.. IS A JOKE. No Exp Rune .. Drop rune split between party members which means you only want to group with people that has the rune pack otherwise its WORTHLESS!  You get 30 soul bottles a month?  Ok lets do some simple math.. Lets say you get 30 soul bottles of the SAME instead of random.  You need 1000 to make 1 bottle.

1000 / 30 = 33.33 Months 

That is almost 3 years to get 1 bottle.  Now the jewls you REALLY want need 10 bottles.. Soooo almost 27 years to be able to make 1 jewl a SOUL jewl. OK even if you pay for 3 Subscriptions because we can have Max of 3 Clients thats still over 7 YEARS to make 1 SOUL JEWL for the people NOT in a top clan that can't raid.  

I've been leveling mentee's 1-99 for Mentee Marks it takes less than a day to get there and you get 15k mentee marks.  1-99 is 10million adena only, I've also been going 1-103 in Bloody Swamp as it had *I say had because you just ninja secret nerfed it without telling us* in about 2-3 days solo as a mentee.  I was making 110 million and getting 40k Mentee Marks.  So for a new player getting 105 they might have MAX 500 Million adena and have exalted gear.  They can't buy anything with 500 million so they are forced to NC Store / Prestige pack / Destiny Pack etc etc with no real return because the packs are so old and out dated they are worthless.  Your killing your user base before they even start the game.  You want more money?  You can't even handle the users you have without severe lag that makes us waste our money how do you expect to get more customers playing?  When you put the que back on retail servers you inadvertantly put back up a 1 yr old message "Try our new GLUDIO SERVER for Classic".  Does anyone know what they are doing at all?  You just toggle something without checking what it fully toggles and you wonder WHY your servers are lagging?  Because no one checks their work at all before they "Fix" or "Do" something.

NC Soft West is the 100% reason why you guys are slowly killing the game, and cutting yourself off at the.............. for making more money not your customers.  Dreake keeps posting private discussions with @Juji but yet we can't even get response here on the forums.  I messaged @Juji on L2 Community Discord about a macro problem.  He responsed 2 times and *Poof* disappeared with no response which shows he really didn't care about me reporting a problem/bug to him.  But he has time to be in many private discussions with select people only.  Great Customer Service you have for the people that ONLY invest the most in the game/cheat the most/have the most adena ingame.  Sorry I couldn't be rich to put more money in just a military vet living on fixed income due to medical problems and spend what i can to support a game I enjoy.  But that again will be coming to a close very soon if these BLATANT issue's are not addressed soon. 

Now you can say this is a whole QQ Post, you probably will disregard it like everything else, but I hope you don't.  Balls in your court now.

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On top of that the crafting system is a joke.  So I made a Evis/ISS dou in 01/10/2020 and have 1854 ether, now I can't farm Storm or Dino or anything I'm in a small clan but good fun people.  So if you do some math

1854 / 36 = 51.5 Ether per day.

1854 Total each Since Toon Creation / 36 days ago toon created = 51.5 per day

So lets see how many Ether we need to craft R110 which is 

2217 + 1478 + 1478 + 5912 + 3695 = 14780 Total needed Ether

14780 / 51.5 = 286.9 

14780 Total Ether / 51.5 Average per day = 286.9 days to gather enough ether for r110. So pretty much 287 days total

287 / 30 = 9.5 Months 

9.5 MONTHS to get enough ether to try and craft 1 full set of R110.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  This system is SOOOO flawed its not even funny.  SO if by some chance I don't raid, or don't spend money on NC Coin, we know it would take 9.5 months in adena to buy a better set or I can wait to try and craft it and hope it doesn't fail?  What happened to being able to craft and make a profit, or farm and craft to gear your own toons?  Craft and help gear clannies?  Now I know I know "But I get more than 51.5 Ether per day because I'm super uber and I farm X location and kill faster than you"  GOOD FOR YOU, YOUR SPECIAL because you have GEAR.  My Evis has Longing, some Ishtina Warrior Jewls, Blessed Zaken, AQ Soul, +11 Bloody Fist, +10 Blessed r99 Light.  SO I would say that is much better than Exalted new people and I'm only farming 51.5 so I'm doing better than the average bear.  This system screws average people and only helps people that are already geared and can get that amount of ether max 120 per day.  THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE FIXED.  NC Soft or as I say NC Shaft wants to make more money, wants to get all our money, hey they have a game people like and I get it.  To be honest if they actually did some work instead of skating by they might make MORE money!  If they fixed server issues, redid prestige packs, rune packs, L2 Store revamp, and fix crafting system/ether drops/adena drop they would make more money.  The way I say that is it shows they care and by revamping it will be things that we want/need and we'll spend more money.  2 Birds 1 Stone is the saying?  But hey make less money than you could!! Keep going that route!!  


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In all these calculations u forgot power of visa card.

14780 Total Ether / 51.5 Average per day = 286.9 days to gather enough ether for r110. So pretty much 287 days total

287 / 30 = 9.5 Months 

9.5 months / visa card = 2 clicks( about 3-4 seconds)

Be good and dont forget holy power of visa! Allilua

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