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Disable damage penality


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The damage penality based on level difference between the player and monster needs to be calculated every single hit of every player on every mob. This was introduced long before GoD around when Hellbound was the hype. Back then summoners were the least played class and nobody had constant 1500/1999 atk and casting speed. Today, farming bots are all summoners and many legit players also have their summoner alts which make it worse because for every hit of the summons the calculation takes in consideration the master level.

This setting was created for nothing more than slowing players from leveling and does not add anything valuable to the game nor players, only extra stress to the server. @Juji try disabling it if possible to see if performance gets better.

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How is this causing extra stress on the server?

Can you explain your reasoning behind this or are you only guessing?

The amount of bots & Macros you see right now is about 1/50 of what the servers used to have, why did it not lag before?


Idk, I liked that other guys' idea of "CLEANING THE PHYSICAL SERVER OF DUST" alot more than this idea of yours.



Nerf archer more and lag will stop, change critical hit modifier to 0.75x and watch lag disappear!

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