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Returning Player - No armor for Dual Class


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I'm a returning player and getting familiar with the new system. 

However I ran into a problem.

My main is a Yul Sagi/Cardi and his Twilight armor already expired (Back when the armor was only 30 days), luckily I still have my dynasty.

But what's more difficult now is the fact my Cardi dual class doesn't even have Twilight anymore because it expired and I don't have anything for him.


Is there a way to get armor for this kind of situation without getting involved in the L2Store or creating and investing hours into another char when I really like my main?


Any ideas or thoughts on what to do? (I do not think its fair for people like me to have to come back and not even have the most basic set for their char).


Thanks for the help!



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I have the same problem ... i return back to play and now i have only the R Moirai set and weapon aquired by diplomas  ... in that time i was playing and farming to make my Paulina Twilight set on Magmeld quests... but now i can't do anymore that quest... i think they remove that quest too....  :(

I read that now the Paulina twilight set is free... is that correct?

So what i understand is that my poor Sigel Phoenix knight get stuck on this part of the game about this change... :(

22 hours ago, Jelsy said:

Send a message to support asking for the Paulina's R grade free gear.

How and where i can do it?

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