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B2P New Subscription Server or More Subscription Options

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Yurai    0

This game is very fun but I find it challenging to enjoy it with its P2W mechanics. To "fix" this here are some ideas I thought about:

1. Make a new server that is Buy to play. Charge 20-50$ or so and let people have a one time fee.

2. (My favorite Idea) - A new subscription based server. A new server with no L2 store but costs about 15-25$ish or so a month. No P2W and constant revenue for the company. 

3. (My second favorite Idea) - Enhancing the Prestige Pack to including XP Runes or adding another pack that's a little more (About 20-25$ a month) that includes all the Prestige pack has as well as good XP Runes (200% for example) and more Enchant Scrolls, Hero Coins, Etc. 


Thank you!



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