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About itme removal March 18 post from Hime


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Thank you @Hime for sharig your plans with us a month ahead. I really hope you keep informing us soon enough to be able to react in game.

(this ninja upgrade of the mentor guide shop really left many alts with a few thousands of mentee marks that i will never be able to use- since the new shop is only at 5/10/20/45/100 k-. i live in europe, so you posted at 02:00, and i was at work when server went down at 13:30) 

For the reason that i personally dont like deleting or losing items i farm for years ,would you be kind to share some more information about this item removal on March 18?

Is clan shop going to be upgraded somehow? 

Will there be another way to use our reputation? Is olympiad manager shop going to be upgraded?

the responce from you or any of your colleagues is highly appreciated

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