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how will we have new players?


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how will we have new players?

lineage game a long time ago I started about 14 years ago, it was on a pirate server, I didn't play for years, I started playing on the official again, and due to family and professional problems I distanced myself again, now I started on the classic server, I'm Brazilian, I only play on the official now, but I did some tests to raise adena and I realized that there is class taking a beating to kill the first mob, mystic orc for example, it is sad, I noticed other players dying to kill their first mob playing as an elf, I believe that we need some changes:

1 - the first suggestion is that all classes when the character is created already appear a basic attack skill or that the "nograde" weapon is a top nograde weapon or almost.

2 - Weapon of your class, I like a sword, but if the guy wants to make an archer, it is the bow he needs, if it is a dagger, then each class, so I suggest that at level 15 when you win the bonus instead to win a dual appear as in level 20 armor, the option to choose which weapon you want.

I am not the owner of reason, nor do I send anything, I ask, because we have new players, we need to help you get into the game.

hugs, and sorry if the translation was not good, I used a translator

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