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I wrote to support, but without Dim Server, how do we complete exalted quests?
The lack of "help" from NcWest staff even when you are asking for help past a "known issue" astounds me.

The dim raid part is literally nothing spent, except being there at the appropriate time, which I did by abandoning other plans to be there this previous weekend on Saturday.

What is the big deal with providing the three quest items that you receive within 20 minutes after the 3 raids are killed? It's not like they aren't killed EVERY DIM RAID, and you don't get credit for EVERY ONE of them whether you help kill it or not.
To me this is pure laziness to not help your player base while this issue exists....

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There is not much to be said.
This is a known issue.
This has never been and will never be resolved instantly.
I'm sorry it was that way for you.
And for the other anonymous ones who are in the same situation as you.

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