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problems in Hevo Voice!


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I'm in the new version of Lineage a week ago, but my first impression is that a "voice hero" is used by several people to make a public appearance to their problems. What I don't like about this case is that I have no options to mute their outbursts of passion ..
Is there any online support to keep an eye out for these overly frequent and unnecessary attacks between "heroes".. and why I have no options to stop this chat?


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Personally, I've not read much blue chat in months since I've had all zeroes blocked from the day hero speak could no longer be disabled. Sadly the block list is no longer being maintained since oly went global so I get to see the occasional "problem" as you put it.. but not for long. Blocking them is your your only option for now.

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The problem is on that, that this useless shits flooding my clan chat history and i can't follow all my clan activity from these bullshits.

Blocking work fine thanks, but i don't think is solution to block all other heroes just becouse i want to follow in my clan chat only, about clan activity. It seems a strange decision on the part of the NC to do this.

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