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Weapon augments not working


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I have had many weapons get a chance augment and they just do not work. I nuked my tank for 20+ minutes in the Colosseum and not once did the skill work. I even removed jewels and tried. I did this with multiple weapons that have chance augments and they just do not work. I put in a ticket and was told that after testing that they confirmed it works with a low percent chance.......low???? 1st of all I highly doubt anyone actually took the time to check and see if it works in game, 2nd of all if it is just a low chance then how low is it? Over 20 minutes of nuking a toon and it not landing once tells me it is 0% chance or some astronomically low chance, like getting hit by lightning. Please just fix it. With the cost of gems to put an augment on a weapon you can at least make sure that they work.

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