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Adena drop in Attribute Zones?

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I think a great way to deal with economy problems would be to add adena drop to all Attribute Zones (Wall of Argos, Forge of the Gods, etc) since most people farm there and it simply is impossible to farm there with ss if you don't have some sort of income and even if you have parties on lvls 40-50 farming adena they make barely enough money for 1 days worth of ss for your main char in 1 week.

PS: If you plan to actually do this, make it like ridiculous. You like big changes, give us smth like this for a change. Make each mob drop at least 5k adena. Or heck throw an event where each mobs dfrops 50-100k adena or smth. You make surreal choices all the time why not something that can actually help us players????

Thanks ~


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Droppin 5k a mob is a bad idea. Inflation will destroy the economy even more. But dropping at least enough to cover ur costs is fine.

And give more high lvl zones that can drop better adena even at leas xp pwr mob.

There are ways to farm millions a day in this game with one well aet up party, but unfortunately the areas where this is possible are extremely limited so it cannot work for all.

I have never met anyone who buys ss from l2 store. Ever...

This game would have so much more population if u could cover ur basic daily costs from normal farming.  As thia gamr was always meant to be.

 And people would still spend crazy amounts of money anw to get good items. 

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