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Server Fix !


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People  request  NCSOFT  do the following changes in order to keep playing here and keep buying  Ncoin : 


Game Economy : 


As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items  from  L2 Store  Events. 

We want the following changes to be made so you balance the game!  


Adena  :  decrease adena drop amount in the following areas : 

Abandoned Camp 

Ruins of Agony  

Ant Nest  

Gorgon Flower Garden 

Cruma Marshlands 

Cruma Tower (Floor 1,2) 

That would  prevents the pony bot Swarms. 


Also if you gonna decrease the adena on the following areas you should add some Newbie Pack on L2Store (for a low amount of NC COINS)that would provide a 30days C grade Weapon ,C grade armor set  and C grade Jewels, so the new people can save adena for the high lvl areas ! 



Increase the Adena drop amount on the following  areas : 


Ketra , Varka , Imperial Tomb , Antharas Lair , Dragon Valley , Forgotten Island (inside on the party zone) , Giants Cave. 


All that high lvl areas have a very low Adena Drop amount, we cannot farm in those  areas because the items / Adena drop are very bad , therefor  nobody farm on that high lvl areas!(around 200 adena in 6 party members),  TOI 11 is around 700. 



We have tons of materials and craft items that nobody buy and we would like NCSOFT to make them again sellable to the Grocery so we can get some adenas for the useless craft items. 


Also we need a decent spoil rate, because the game is completely unbalanced , we cannot receive Recipes to craft B grade / A Grade items because the spoil rate is very~very low ! 


We understand that this game is Free To Play and that is the reason there are low rates for spoil/drop, but that items you guys add on NC STORE make that server Pay to Play actually, and we must invest about 150 $ monthly to keep the vip7 UP .This is not a free to play server anymore, thats the reason you guys must Increase the rates! 


High LvL Daily/Dungeons/Instance/Farm Areas : 


We would like to discuss about the high lvl farm places dungeons instance, that on L2Classic right now are impossible to be done by someone because those moobs are too strong and they are too many ! 


Four Sepulchers : There is a nice dungeon that cannot be done on this server because there are too many moobs inside, and those mobs hit too hard.We would like NCSOFT to fix that , would be nice a decrease in the mobs number same as you guys did with the Siege Guards! And to fix the damage those mobs deal, because is way to high. 


Frintezza INSTANCE:  we need a nerf aswell on that instance, there are too many mobs also and they hit very hard !  


Antharas Lair : this is a very nice farm place for party but unfortunatley the ITEMS / ADENA drop rate are very low  (there are some 40lvl places that gives same amount of adenas as 85 lvl farm places) .Mobs in antharas Lair hit realy hard that’s why there's nobody farming there ! we need a fix aswell on that place ! 


Imperial Tomb : a nice place for party farm & for solo farm also, but unfortunatly mobs Adena / Item drop is very low  and those mobs are way too strong for the content NCSOFT gives us right now ! 


Dragon Valley : Same issues , mobs hit too hard (we cannot farm in there even with all Items L2Store Provide) those moobs drop 1k-2k adenas that is a very low amounth of adenas for a 85 LVL Area, people trying to spoil Cloth pieces and didnt get anything from spoil .Thats mean the spoil/drop rates are very low. 


Varka and Ketra exactly the same issues as previous regions  : very low adena drop amount,we dont disscuss about getting some good drop because its like impossible even with vip 7. 


Aden Pirate Dungeon : we need some fixes here because that dungeon is the only way we can get S grade Craft materials, key parts, and right now that dungeon is very “unfair”, you guys should make it same as 40-45 lvl Dungeons from Adena: 1 time only per char/day, and if someone wish to go more times they should buy that stone from NC Store, because that 1hour entry right now sux hard, you can just go inside hunt  the Goldberg Buttler and than quit dungeon and the time gonna be exactly the same (it doesnt count down when you get outside of the dungeon) it should work like: you go inside 1 time, you get 1 hour to hunt there once you get outside you should not be able to go anymore for that day only if you get that entrace pass from NC STORE. 


ALL those places mentioned before  need to be nerfed ! so we can have doable content after 85 lvl  


Chaotic Characters (PK Characters) : 


There are a lot of things to say about that issue, but lets go straight to the point. 


The PK Characters should be not able to use Teleport (my teleport system), right now there is chaos, everywhere there are people pretending the spot you farm is their own spot and they just log a pk char and clean ur farm chars ! 

You also should rework that PK Debuff  : it should decrease Casting speed , M.atk , Atk Speed around 30-50% and 

PK Chars should not be allowed to use that 76 Mount. 



Server Events : 


Here we go, we are  tired to have Pay to Win events, and that has become exagerated !!!We need to balance events like gambling boxes and normal events. 

The only events you guys are doing so often are Open BOX EVENT ( Thats a gamble event) we also need to spend money in order to win something good ! 

We are looking for some kind of Free to play Events , like LETTER event or Squash EVENT , Matchstick event and many other Farmable events !!! Thats what we are looking for, NCSOFT is doing to many pay to win events and most of us are tired of them. 

For example : On December you made Blizzard Ice box event for 4 weeks, when that event ended  2 weeks there was no event and then you put HearthLove box event, cmon thats realy  ridiculous... We want some Farm events or Exp events  , maybe 2x Respawn time on raids events or weekend boost exp . 


The main idea of those Events you guys are making is that most of them are PAY to WIN events  and it has became ridiculous ! 



As we tent to improved our characters , to get them higher level and better items , we cannot stay at level 40-50 to farm epic bosses , you kill our content and our fun. 

We want you to boost their level/remove penalty drop level 

Removing  barrier till 70 level raidbosses  would be very good. 


Epic Raidbosses  : 

Baium is completly bugged, you cant land any debuff on it ! Thats the reason nobody kill Baium , we cannot land any debuffs and he deal a lot of damage ! 


Antharas has the same issues as baium , you cannot land any debuffs on it and he does a lot of damage 


Queen Ant - lvl 40 raidboss since the server Opening , we would like if you guys gonna make it 80 lvl same as the other epic raidboss 


Orfen - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server opening , Same issues as Queen ant , we need those raidbosses 80 lvl !!! 


Core - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server Opening , same as Queen Ant and Orfen !!! 


Frintezza - no way to get in there, moobs hit too hard and they are too many, you guys need to decrease the amount of mobs in that place ! 


Also we cannot see what debuffs are on raidbosses since the last big patch ! I guess is time to put it back so we can enjoy that game ! 


Doomcryer / Dominator has no Attribute damage increase !!! I've been reporting this issues for 9 months or maybe more and still not fixed ! 

We want back the 5th SkillBar Shortcut also we want back the Damage Window (you guys remove them on the preivouse patch. 

@Hime @Juji



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Greetings from all the clans of Giran Server.
As we look at the situation of the server in the last couple months ,we can see we have many issues,from the bugs of the updates that happened almost month ago,and only autohunting was fixed as an emergency situation  as  server was unpopulated,rest was ignored and forgotten.

The reason we all are writing this petition is to improve our server ,so we normal players can enjoy our loved game.
These are the things we want to get fixed :

-The PK system is very unfair,we want more negative debuffs on pk character ,no teleport available,no mount equipped

-Our goal in this game is to boost our level/items.We got no content.Give us content ,we want to play.
  We need to boost drop/adena/spoil in these regions  Ketra , Varka , Imperial Tomb , Antharas Lair , Dragon Valley , Forgotten Island (inside on the party zone) Giants Cave.
  We get adena drop here as on level 40-50 regions.These zones should be rewarding way more ,we spent thousand of euro to boost our chars so we can go in these locations,while the adena is very low,drop is miserable.

-Fix the materials/items to be able to sell in the shop,return the price balance for selling items.
 We farm materials,as you nerfed spoil/crafter so bad,what we do with the items?
 We need to look in this as shots/spiritshots adena income.

-We need new players on server,make a special package for newbies that just go on server ,so they can survive and get addicted to the game.
 People on server already got 85 level,people that just go ingame need to have a chance to survive ingame and get interested in this server to play.

-We need an update regarding the Epic bosses ,the content majority players are over 80+ ,and we got this 40-50 Orfen/Queen Ant/Core epic bosses low level. 
 We need to make them higher level.
-Epic bosses like Baium/Antharas cant be killed because the debuffs dont land on them at all.
 Talking about debuffs/buffs,we need to reverse the last update,we cannot see the buffs debuffs now.

-Castle is bugged,no teleport/buffs work,probably other stuff also dont work.

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Server Fix ! +1 WoDy !


We really have a lot of problems on this server and unfortunately there were only 99% unfulfilled promises.
NCSOFT has put his hand deep in our pockets and destroyed our dream of being able to enjoy a classic L2 leaving us only bugs not fixed ...
We hope with this petition initiated by WoDy that says out loud the players' pain that NCSOFT realizes in front of us how much it is wrong to not repair the server as promised.
Dear comrades, it is time for the revolution to start on this servant, to unite us all for our good and to show them that without us this servant has no way of living!
Listen to WoDy's tips and start REVOLUTION!

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I agree to almost everything besides the low level farming zones, the problem there comes from the people that use 3rd party software. At this current moment it's almost impossible for a new player to gain any adena for items or whatnot if not running a full party for himself or a bunch of lowbie characters farming the good drop zones. Fix the spoil, adena and drop rate for high level zones and nerf the impossible to farm areas.

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Agreed with everything above.

Our dear GMs have been "in discussion with the Devs" for far too long that it has became a meme.

We want to play this server but you're giving us 0 hopes that anything will be fixed.

Start acting as it's time to retain your customers.

  1. Upgrade Aden Instances to higher levels as daily entries to motivate players to play. Make Kamalokas or similar areas where parties can farm A/S grade items/encahnts etc.
  2. Boost epics levels
  3. Make bosses(epics) DeBuffable and make the debuffs visible once again.
  4. Provide newbie players with content to enjoy the game rather than fight with an army of bots for mobs.
  5. For the rest refer to all the points made above as I agree with all of them.

We need CONTENT.

I for one am able to farm LoA easily yet it is still not worth my time as exp/ drops/adena value is just too minimal to make it even worth the shots spent.


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Wody you are right, last update waste part of these things  ofc most of ppls left for these. i hope they will fix all these things cause the server is going down I  see lot of unbalanced on lineage2 classic, people will leave this server if nothing changed and become dead game.

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Wody, i really agree with all of your points

Change too OLY, bcs Is not normal.

It should not be used P2W items (talismans, hats, cloak etc) and full buffs,
- only self buff at Olympics,
It's like using steroids at championships / olympics.  

The olympiad is to check players' skills

Kondziu - Eva's Saints

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Nice summary of current and very actual issues. Game is falling into a black hole.. Would be really nice if GMs/Game Producers/boss who sits in a nice office there, can think a bit about the people who spend all their free time in this game.. This game needs to be revitalized and balanced to reflect the reality of the fail market, fail drop rates, OBVIOUS FAIL on those pony bots in Ruins of Agony and other locations WoDy mentioned. 

Guys please , we need a change!!!!! This doesn't go right direction, clearly you will feel it via decreased revenues... What is the point to invest money in this game if it will die soon with such an approach from Developers side.

Thank you!

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5 minutes ago, Pisicarul said:

I agree with the main post.

But as long as people keep buying stuff from L2Store they will do nothing.

$ is the only thing they are interested in . So , STOP BUYING  from L2Store.

You're right Pisicarul, it's not worth investing any money in this server right now!

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Totaly agree!!!! Servers economy should turn to more Players friendly state instead of adena sellers paradise!

Soul shots/Spiritshots/Spirit ores costs should be covered from adena drops during exp. Hight lvl areas should be posible to farm for most 78+ players and needs difficulty nerfs with adena/drops boost.

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