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hi guys i start playing like 2 days ago and i start playing with a dwarf planning to go scavenger, to be able to find materials a recipes for my main. but someone told me that scavenger are no longer a good choice since all weapons use pretty much same shots, now the spoil i don't know if is not working correct or is very low ( i thought this server was classic, but classic is just the name). i got stuck on lvl23 mainly coz there is no place to lvl up. whatever i go there is bots with B grade equipment ( i pretty much use the equipment u get for free wish is no grade plus no soulshots since i cant afford them) so as i did back in the day i fight for my spot, but they didn't even bother to fight me back. i manage to kill a couple of them just to get ridiculous amount of karma (how come i get such amount if the other player is higher than me i don't know) with other i just quite coz i was just a fly bothering a lion eating hes pray.

now i decided to start a "main" character  wish is an orc khavatary and the problem is that the weapon i got for free is a dual sword but may skill use fists so i cant do anything. i went back to orc village to get  a no grade fists but they cost 200k and currently i have 2k so i have to lvl up without using skills coz the noob fists i got from born dont hit anything

so the reason of this post is to see if enyone can give me an advice on how to start or wish one is the best char to start with the limited resource i got (and they decrease very soon). keep in mind that im a new player and i dont know anyone on this server, i know how to play and how to progress but this server is quite diferent of what i understand from classic.

by the way im currently on giran server


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Hello Airwolf

In 2 days, you realize that the economy is in trouble ... Probably you will not be able to pay for the SS and BSS. So you should be prepared to level up a lot without soulshots.

Regarding your weapon and your armor, you can use the strategy of leveling alternative characters, that is, create elf tanks or elemental summoners to farm adenas. Leave the characters in the macro for several days. You are likely to farm  ~ 1kk per day from each character farming in Ruins of Agony.

Besides that, you also should level your owns buffers. 

I think other players can advice you better then me...

Good luck


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It depends on what you want to do. 

  1. Do you want to find a good active clan and level with others?  I haven't seen that, maybe with the merge we will get there. 
  2. Do you want to come out and casually play to escape the real world?  Then you will need to create your main and your own supports.  Pulling them all up at once is a slow grind with no adena and slow leveling. 
  3. Do you want to be competitive and join Oly, PVP, etc.?  Then you need top gear.  Be prepared to spend $5K - $10K over time to gear those toons up with P2W events.  

You will not be able to compete against the Adena BOT trains, they will ensure you never have a chance to level near them and steal their revenue stream. 

As for the dwarf.  There is no market.  You can't craft SS, BSPS, look at the drop and spoil rates, you can't sell what things do drop as they eliminated that ability.  Spoil rates are impossibly low.  There is nothing to farm for.  But if you enjoy the toon and style of play, go for it!

Some of us merge onto TI next week.  It will be interesting to see what happens then.  Bot farmers from one server fighting with bot farmers from other servers?  Top clans from multiple servers coming together.  Do they war for castles and best hunting spots? Do they try to create dominance?

Play what you like.  If you can't find an active clan, then the fastest way to level is with a Summoner.  Drag your first support toon with that elf.  I suggest a WC first.  So you level 2 at the same time.  If you want to level faster, buy better gear and armor (remember they took away the grade penalty), buy the best you can afford.  Don't forget beast and BSPS shots if you Summoner.  You need to have adena for that, and there is no way to make it in game because, as I said above, you can't compete with the botters they won't let you in the areas with adena drops. 

Until they fix the economy, that is the reality of the situation.  Or you could buy $500 worth of NCoin event items every month, try to get something valuable in their gambling event and sell that for adena. 

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