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Fortune seaker autohunt is bugged.


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My fortune seeker spams spoil crush and sweeper festival when I use auto hunt on it. Sweeper festival isn't even supposed to work with autohunt as you cannot right click it. Spoil crush continues to be spammed even after I right clicked to activate and then again to deactivate. Autohunt doesn't care and will prioritize spoil crush over armor crush regardless of positioning or if spoil crush is even activated...

Spoiling is utterly worthless for me so I'm MUCH rather have the MP used on armor crush which is actually useful.  Since sweeper festival is 12 MP autohunt always spams it depriving the character of MP to use on armor crush..

It's bad enough that dwarfs are basically useless now since their carry capacity is irrelevant (shots can't be crafted, traded, and weigh 0), their spoil rate is extremely low, the items spoiled are worthless, and their dps is pretty abysmal. Now I can't even take advantage of the one thing left that the dwarf brings to the party (stun/armor reduction).

EDIT : I managed to get mostly around the problem by activating a repeat macro of /armor crush /attack /pickup. It doesn't seem to have time to spam spoil crush or sweeper festival with that macro running.

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On 3/5/2020 at 11:09 AM, Ingwaz said:

Unfortunately only work around around this is to have 2 spoilers, one spoiling and one sweeping :/

Because NCsoft seems to want to extinguish the dwarf race from existence in this game!

Well my party is in the 80s and it's not worth spoiling at all. Just a waste of mana that could be used on armor crush for -pdef.

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