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Keeping Thousands Euro and No Staff/Work fast and hard

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Hello, can you explain why ur staff is completely ghosts and dont work properly here? why dont are quicks to change/solve/fix here?

You know that you collect many $$$$$ from players so financiarly speaking you have to keep more staff and work really more quick?

The situation is unsunstainable, many friends are quitting l2 and i dont want quit too.

Also all time you are "discussing" with Devs and take very long times, like you comunicate by old paper mails?


Do something,


take more care for ur players,

work hard,

stop becoming a Gamble Game,

update the old rewards for hero coins,

balance difficult and economy,

make to anyone do bosses and instances, they can't do actually,

login GMs ingame to report economy/game changes/what need,

GMs to check bots/exploiters/Zranger users.


Best Regards

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Ghosts is right...


As in the people responsible for the game, even the front line admins/gms we see here are simply "Ghosting" the customer base...


lack of even using their perferred method, Twitter, to give updates.. 

Mostly Im sticking around to see the finale now, its like some sitcom that started off funny.. but now the actors dont even try at their roles.. its now either going to get cancelled or someone will get fired...

Big companies usually shake up their teams more often, and I dont see any reason NCSOFT should have confidence in the current staff.


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